How To Wear Polka Dots Trend This Summer

The world can’t  get enough  of   polka dots trend  and we   continue to  see it everywhere from    the runway to the streetway. Previously associated with vintage looks and considered  little bit of an old fashioned now polka dots are reinvented  and becoming a classic. Designers are having fun with it  and I see so many variations of it  from super girly to more structured and abstract looks. You can find  it on cool dresses, tops, jumpsuits, skirts and even accessories like hats, bags, scarfs and shoes.

I was browsing H&M  in early March  and  looking for a fun dress to wear for Easter.  Of course my first stop was at  the sales racks and the moment I saw this super fun dress I knew this is the one. Thankfully they had it in my size   and the price of $20.00 down from $59.99 was exactly  what I was  looking for. This is my usual thing when I am looking for a dress for a family event. I know I am only going to wear it once and  I don’t want to invest too much in it. H&M and Target are great places to find pieces like that because they always have something on sale.

The dress is sold online, but always check your local stores, because people often change their minds and return a lot of good things.

I wore the dress for  Easter lunch at home, but I loved it so much I had to take it out for another spin. I love mixing prints and pair it with this very cute DVF pumps I got at  the brand sample sale for only $40.00 and a Karen Millen clutch also a great find for only $20.00 down from $200.00

If you are afraid of mixing prints, follow the simple rule  I follow – make sure they are of very similar or exact  colors and the pattern is of a very similar or exact  size. Simple, right?

This was a semi-vacation for me, I had to do a lot of things, but also had a lot of free time to enjoy the city. As usual we (me and my sister)  started with coffee then a photo shoot and from there we went to a small restaurant called THE LITTLE THINGS. I noticed that there is a  really cool trend going on in the way some restaurants are decorated in very interesting and cozy mix of new and old.

When people are eating outside is easy to take good photos of the interior. I am sharing it here with you and hope you are enjoying my story and my look.

I am linking few polka dot options below  for you to try.

The Flower Garden

The Flower Garden

I was doing a search on the best locations for photos in Sofia when the the University Botanical Garden popped up. I remember going to the garden as a child with my parents over 25 years ago, but in recent years I totally forgot about it. The weather was lovely and there is no better time then spring to look at flowers so I made plans with my sister to meet  there.

The Botanical garden is located in the center of the city and  is very close to some other must see landmarks as Sofia University, The National Library and The Alexnader Nevsky Cathedral.

I took the Subway and got off at the Sofia University station. From there is just a short walk and the  University and The National Library are along the way.

Let me tell you this was the perfect spring day,  the garden in front of the library was in full bloom and picture perfect. I stopped there for a while and looked at the gorgeous tulips and tree blossoms while waiting for my sister.

The Botanical Garden is surrounded by high green plant fence and passing by you might not even realize is there. Once you are in it’s like you are stepping into a different world.  The garden is  relatively  small but a home to  more then 2500 botanical species. Established in 1892 and  over 125 years old with  the first tree they planted  still living. The garden serves as a serene place for relax, but also a home  to serious  conservation and educational activities.

Here is the link  to their official web page in case you want to read more about it or plan a visit your self.

It turned out that we picked the best day to be there because the tulips just opened the day before. The garden turned out to be more then I expected and I will not wait another 25 years to go back.

If you are ever in Bulgaria I highly recommend a visit to the Botanic garden and Balchik palace also part of Sofia University gardens. A true masterpiece of architectural design and one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

I planned my outfit around this visit and went with a gorgeous floral duster from Target for only $8.00. My shoes are a sample sale find from Paul Andrew Aslihan  for only $50.00 down from $995.00. My jeans are also from Target and this is the second pair from the same style. Linking similar items below if you want to create a similar look.

Let me know if there is a place that you just  recently rediscovered and stay tuned to see more from my trip to Sofia and don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram.

Sweet Brunch With My Sister In Sofia

Travel is one of my favorite things in life, even when I travel back to my own town of Sofia. I love the familiarity of being there, but I also like to rediscover long forgotten places.

Culture, history and dining is the formula that makes a city interesting and Sofia has it all.

Walking around and stopping for coffee and brunch is an absolute fave past time for me and my sister.

On a beautiful spring Sunday we did just that. We enjoyed the beautiful weather in the center of the city and visited a small vegan restaurant called Sun Moon.

This is a cute little space with many healthy options and adorable decor. Of course on a warm sunny day we sat outside and this gave me the opportunity to take few photos of the interior.

Located in an old house the place have few rooms on different levels with  mix of modern and new furnishings to create a perfect  cozy space.

After brunch we walked some more and stopped for few photos of my look.

I been avoiding yellow for a very long time because is never been my color. However recently I got few yellow pieces and I am loving it. Everything started with a pair of Michael Kors sandals and the rest just followed up.

Spring is the season for blazers and I was wearing a  Zara blazer that I got at the last sale for only $22.00 For a casual look I pair it with black jeans, killer pumps and a cool Calvin Klein t-shirt.

In true Bulgarian fashion we stopped for coffee again and this concluded our amazing day.

Stay with me and my journey to see what other places I visited while in Sofia and let me know in the comments below what your favorite place to travel to is.