Last Day in Faro and Welcome to Lisbon

All good times come to an end and this is the case with my stay in Faro but not before having a one special fun night. The Algarve region is home to many summer festivals; almost every town has something going on during summer months.We didn’t plan anything in advance just checked the flyers from the hotel and went from there. The most memorable one was the Seafood Festival (Festivaldo  Marisco) in Olhao where we (I am including my family in this story now.) tried the most amazing seafood from local restaurants and culinary schools and a enjoyed a life concert with literally thousands of people in attendance.

The last day in Faro, the city was preparing for the biggest Folklore Festival in the southern of Portugal and leading to that a weekend long smaller events took place with tone of life music, bazaar area and the most delicious mojitos and caipirinha ever. We started with dinner in a small place called SE7EPEDRASin the heart of the old town. The restaurant isi n a 200 year old building with a very cute decor and amazing tapas.From there we just walked across to the Marina square where all the action was happening.We finished the night with a bang with drinking and dancing under the sky.

The next morning we  said goodbye Faro and hello Lisbon. We put the bags in the hotel and hit the streets. Lisbon is getting busy, so you need to get there before the crowds. We went to most of the important landmarks. The city is famous for its beautiful viewpoints or Miradouros where you will experience breathtaking views. But in Lisbon there is one more important thing you have to do and tahts is you have to try the famous Pastel de Nata. You can find them everywhere  but two places are above all others- Pasteis de Belem and Manteigaria.

The hit was real, way hotter then the ocean side and I wore light dresses to keep me comfortable.I want to mention something important, if you ever go to Lisbon pack walking none slippery shoes.The side walks and the streets are all paved and it gets pretty slippery walking up and down. My espadrilles were perfect for that, and I had no problems at all. I am going to link all my looks below if any of you is getting ready for vacation and wants to try something new.

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A Day In Seville Spain

During my recent vacation in Portugal I took a day trip to Seville Spain. When I was planning the trip and searching for places to visit Seville came up and I was immediately sold on the idea. Located only about 2 hours from Faro it made perfect sense to go and the driving there and back was so worth it.

I am not going into a deep explanation of how beautiful the city is, but I will tell you that this is one of the most aesthetically fulfilling places I have ever seen. Of course one day is not even close to seeing everything, but is enough to have a real feel of the spirit and enjoy some of the most important landmarks.

I started with the Metropol Parasol, which is the largest wooden structure in the world and from there walked through the old town Barrio Santa Cruz. Barrio Santa Cruz is everything you will imagine an old European town looks like, narrow streets (in some cases so narrow you can touch the buildings on both sides) centuries old buildings with exquisite design and tile work. Small stores, restaurants and cafes are present in almost every corner and is easy to take a break or have a bite and hide from the sun. From there I walked all the way to the Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de Espana, the ultimate highlight of the trip. Stunningly beautiful, the place is a great example of Spanish architecture and art work and an absolute must see for everyone.

I know I know this is a fashion blog not a travel blog and I am supposed to talk about my outfit. I did envision something with an embroidery for this trip and then remembered I already have the perfect dress in my closet. I got it from Parker sample sale and just kept in my closet for the right time. And what’s better then espadrilles to wear while in Spain. Mine are Soludo sandals, also a sample sale purchase. Finished the look with my fan bag from Mar Y Sol and a classic straw hat. Because my pieces are sample sale finds and currently sold out online, I am linking very similar ones to recreate my look.

A Trip To Remember – The Algarve and Faro Portugal

If you are looking for a vacation spot filled with culture, history, sightseeing and great food you may want to visit Portugal. I had  it on my wish list for few years and finally decided it’s time to check it out. As a destination, Portugal is not as popular as some other European countries, but don’t let this be a deciding factor for you. From the beautiful beaches to endless castles and delicious food, Portugal is the place to be.

My trip started with a stay in the Algarve region and the city of Faro. Faro is the capital of the Algarve and conveniently located to access some of the most beautiful towns around. The old city was the perfect runway for me with its narrow streets and charming  buildings. In some previous posts I mentioned that  when on vacation I like to remain stylish and  don’t compromise on my aesthetics. I know most women want to be comfortable when traveling, but comfort should not exclude style. Staying in a beautiful place like Portugal inspires me and lets me be more creative with my looks.

You know I am the queen of all sales and shopping for vacation is no different. I got a good portion of  of my wardrobe from Zara summer sale, including the two dresses I am wearing in this post. For those of you who are not familiar with the sale it goes in few stages and the more stock they have the longer it lasts and the prices drop lower. For some of the really good pieces you have to act fast and buy at the first portion of the sale but if you want the cheap stuff you should wait 3-4 weeks into the sale and this is when I get most of my pieces. The printed dress was $15.99 and the black crochet dress $19.99 down from $99.99 and that was an amazing deal. During the day I wear mostly flats or sandals, My black slip-on flats are probably my very best purchase this summer. I got them at a sample sale for $30.00 down from $228.00  from the Italian brand M.Gemi. The biggest showstopper of my looks however was my red straw bag. Another sample sale purchase for only $30.00, I can’t find the exact one anywhere online but will link few similar options for you below.

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