The best way to recharge from my busy life is take a short weekend trips with my husband. Lately we have been hitting Philly and loving the city with its cultural, historic and sightseeing spots and not to forget very unique and diverse culinary scene (one of my favorite restaurants of all times is located there)

When I take short trip like that, I have to pack smart  and make sure my outfits are on point with minimal effort.

This comfortable and chic  dress is in the center of this look. Mine is from ZARA and I found it on sale for $15.99

Knowing I am going to walk all day originally I wanted to wear flat sandals, but with the robe belt and the hat I looked like a monk HA-HA-HA. So, I scratched this idea  and put on my  super comfortable Aerosoles wedge sandals.

For the evening look I simply switched accessories and rocked  a pair of  Nicholas Kirkwood statement sandals. I didn’t want the look to be too serious and that’s why instead of a clutch I  wore my favorite  bucket back, a sample sale find for only $20 down from $240.00.

I had fun and looked stylish in my easy day to nigh look without sweating over it.

Let me know in comments bellow what you think and what is your best way to go from day to night. (US)

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