When you are a busy working woman you have many commitments during your day. Sometimes you need to jump straight from your office to an event and there is no  time to go home and change. This is when you need to be really smart with your outfit  and make sure you can change in a snap and still look appropriate for both occasions. One of my favorite ways to create an instant day to night look is to use a jumpsuit. Of course the jumpsuit is the thing of the moment, but is  also a classic piece  with the  great versatility.

For this project I am working again with my super busy  friend Luchia, who is in this situation quite often. To create a polished and professional look  I chose  a black jumpsuit and pair it with a white blazer for contrast, a neutral bag and a pop of color in the shoes.  Just by removing the blazer and adding bolder jewelry and an evening clutch the second outfit  was born.  Beautiful evening makeup put the finishing touches on it.

If you feel inspired by this story  want to share your thoughts or have any questions post it in the comments section below.

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