What I Wore To A Weekend Trip – Montreal Lookbook

Summertime is made for trips and what’s more exciting than a short weekend trip to Montreal. I visit Canada usually twice a year – once in the winter and once in the summer. Both seasons have a lot to offer and the experience is totally different. One of my absolute favorite cities to visit, not only in Canada, but anywhere is Montreal. A big metropolitan city with an unique mix of old and modern architecture, Montreal has a lot to offer. From walks in Old Montreal, the river side, to exciting festivals and events throughout summer.

At this point, I am somewhat familiar with the most popular points to visit, but I always like to find something new and exiting to do and explore in other parts of the city.

The city is also home to many restaurants and food adventures. Poutine and Beaver Tails are two must haves if you are there.

When I travel, the first priority is always comfort, but for a true fashionista, this is not enough. I like to pack practical and cute outfits that are appropriate for the location and do not scream I AM A TOURIST. A lot of people think comfort and style exclude each other, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

One of my favorite classics are jeans with a tank top or t-shirt and to make it exciting, I like to top it with a fun kimono or blazer. Kimonos are light and fun option for summer, while blazers fit more for spring/fall seasons. Cool sunglasses are something that can take an outfit to the next level and you will see that with all of my looks from this trip.

For the second day I chose one of the most beautiful dresses I ever purchased from Zara. It was just after the second markdowns hit the stores and I got it for only $29.99 down from $99.99 The dress is not only pretty, but comfortable and super versatile. I am also going to wear it to dinners and take it with me for my European vacation.

For the grand finale there, I needed a fun outfit because me and my husband were attending A TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN event. It has very informal vibe with tons of food options and live music near the old port. Its just tons of fun with dancing, drinking, tasting the food and just walking around. I wore another another Zara dress but this one was from the winter sale. I often buy clothes off season at a great price and keep them in my closet. It works best with unique or classic pieces that are not trendy and wont go out of style quickly.

As usual we had a great time and I cannot wait to go back for more of this amazing city.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Weekend Glam At The Castle

If you are following me for a while, you already know I love to dress. No –  let me rephrase that: I like to overdress. I like to have my own special moments with clothing that take me to the next level and if I don’t have an occasion to do it, I like to create one.

This was exactly the case on this past weekend. I have been to Skylands Manor before and knew how gorgeous the castle and gardens were, so I put together the perfect outfit to wear to such fabulous place.

Lately I haven’t been shopping in H&M for few reasons, but mainly because they are lacking big time in the fashion department, however occasionally something good will pop up and will change my mind. This dress was exactly that,  because it’s one of their most successful styles this year. It sold out almost immediately, but I got lucky and found it at a discount. I am pretty sure it was a return and that’s exactly why I constantly repeat in my blog and Instagram posts – if you like something keep checking your store because you never know when something will show up and because people return all the time.

But to me the most exiting part of this look was the jewelry. When I heard about the sample sale I got them from, the brand was new to me, but I liked the photos and decided to check it out. I am so happy I went. the brand is called Uno de 50 and everything is handmade in Spain with silver plating finish. The designs are so bold and unique and a definite statement maker. The prices were “out of this world” low and I got tons of amazing pieces.

The rest of the look were also sample sales finds:
Hat from Hat Attack for only $10.00
Shoes from Schutz for only $20.00 Both from Clothingline sample sales in NYC

Keep Cool And Stylish In Gingham Style

I usually wear a lot of dresses, but this summer I am mixing more skirts into my wardrobe. I love pieces that I can wear more then once and style them differently for multiple occasions. Skirts are perfect for that. With minimal effort and change of accessories you can have a completely new look. I wear all my looks in real life and is important for me to get the maximum out of my shopping.

I was looking for a light summery skirt with a flow and chic quality to it and when I saw this one at Nordstrom Rack, I knew this was the one. I knew I wanted to mix some gingham print in the look, but wasn’t feeling all the black and white gingham that’s out now. I wanted to keep this look light and airy and the yellow gingham top matched my vision perfectly.

The accessories are mix of old and new pieces from my collection. My favorite MODO sunglasses are a sample sale find for $20.00 and my absolute favorite from their collection (I also have it in black) The round shape is super chic and never really goes out style. All the tassel pieces are from my epic $0.99 find from Saks Fifth Ave and I put them together with some I already own.

Now about this bamboo clutch. In the past few years I literally saw the original Cult Gaia back everywhere, every blogger, every magazine, every store. However I wasn’t sold on it because it was too expensive for a bamboo bag and completely impractical until I spotted this baby on Target website and the price changed my mind. I love the size, I love how it goes with everything and did I mentioned the price? Unfortunately as of this moment its sold out, but I am linking a similar one plus everything else from this look below.

Back To NYC And The Perfect Day To Night Look

After a long time away and no matter how much fun it was, it’s always nice to get back home.

I certainly had a great time in Sofia, but I had to face the reality of everyday life in NYC and I was so excited to do so. I had a lot of things on my calendar – tons of work was waiting for me, had to catch up on some shopping ( because I didn’t shop at all while away) and of course a date night with my husband. I needed an outfit that will take me from day to night without stopping home to change. I had the photoshoot with the amazing Jemima Richards already scheduled and decided to take full advantage of my day. Do my work in the morning, shoot my outfit and run to meet with my husband for dinner.

For the shopping part, luckily the Marc Jacobs sale was happening the day after I came back and I got there at the perfect time to score some super cute bags. When I say perfect, here is what happened. I go to the sale and looked around, but was very underwhelmed by the selection. The collection of stuff that I love was still very expensive ( I saw a denim jacket 90% off for $600.00 ) and the rest too dated and not exciting. Then I got to the bags table where the discounts were 85% for bags and 90% for SLG. At this exact moment they started to bring the Heart bags in two colors and  also boxes with wallets. The good part is that for some reason they had the bags as SLG and the discount was 90% so the price was $29.50 down from  $295.00. They were so cute I couldn’t decide between black and nude so I have to buy both. But at this price who can blame me. They sold out so fast that if I was a minute late I would not be able to get it.

The day of the shoot I left for work with my LV and later changed to the Heart bag that was the element that tied this outfit together. When  looking at this outfit, everybody assumed that this was a dress, but actually they are two separate pieces from two different brands. My skirt is H&M and I had it for some time now and the top ( CeCe by Cynthia Steffe) is a sample sale find for only $5.00 (originally $89.00 )

My booties are Karen Millen, you know I own tone of them because I buy them so cheap, usually between $10-$30, this particular ones were $20.00

My necklace is from one of the most epic sample sales I have ever been to where all the jewelry were only $1.00 and my earrings from another one for $5.00 The total of my outfit is $69.00  when the retail is close to $900.00

The whole day I was getting compliments on my look, the red was getting tons of attention. It was the perfect day to night outfit.

Playing Queen for a Day

I know is already being over a month since I came back from Bulgaria and yet I am  still posting about it. Actually this is my very last post about my trip to Sofia. It took me awhile to complete all the posts because I had to catch up with all my other work and shoot more new content for the blog and Instagram.

I kept this for the grand finale because I was so excited about both my outfit and the gorgeous location the shoot took place at. The Vrana Palace or as known in Bulgarian as Двореца Врана. It’s the former royal palace located just outside of the capital city of Sofia. Currently the park is open for visitors and is a major attraction for locals and tourists with its beautiful gardens, lake and buildings.

The original owner Czar Ferdinand was a passionate botanist and he was inspired by some of the major gardens in Europe at the time. Today the park is home to 821 botanical species from 118 families and is the first example of Park art and architecture in Bulgaria. The only disappointment I had is that the palace is still under reconstruction and not open to see on the inside. I was wearing my outfit for a dinner that evening and really wanted to showcase it in the best possible way. A visit to the palace was already planned when I decided to combine both and have a special experience out of it. The funny part is that it looked that I had an actual shooting crew with me. I went with two of my best friends and we had 2 teenage boys (son and nephew to one of them) as an additional entourage.  People were stopping and trying to figure out what’s going on. We had an amazing time exploring the gardens, taking photos, learning the history of the place and just having a relaxed day.

This was the perfect place to show my outfit. Even though the outfit is very modern, the long skirt makes it so regal and the park and palace were the perfect backdrops for it. It was so much fun to feel like a queen for a day. For a person who has never worn yellow before, I am somewhat obsessed with the color this spring. Everything started with my Michael Kors collection suede sandals that I scored from Nordstrom Rack for $18.00 down from $695.00. This is my all-time favorite shape of sandal, platform with a block heel is classic that to me never goes out of style.  I own many varieties of it, three pairs in Michael Kors collection alone. Then I found this Zara blazer on sale and it was confirmed that I am going to wear yellow. My skirt is BCBG Max Azria and you won’t believe that I found it a thrift store for only $5.00 and originally $238.00. My t-shirt is Calvin Klein from Century 21 for $9.99 and you probably saw it million times on me already. I need a new one, because this one is getting old. The bag is my beloved Gucci clutch that I’ve had forever and is my go to clutch for any casual special occasion. You know what I mean, you want to look cool and special at the same time. The earrings I got from H&M for only $3.00 on sale and they also became an item I wear over and over again.

With this I am concluding the posts from my spring trip to Bulgaria and it will live in memory until the next one.