I know is already being over a month since I came back from Bulgaria and yet I am  still posting about it. Actually this is my very last post about my trip to Sofia. It took me awhile to complete all the posts because I had to catch up with all my other work and shoot more new content for the blog and Instagram.

I kept this for the grand finale because I was so excited about both my outfit and the gorgeous location the shoot took place at. The Vrana Palace or as known in Bulgarian as Двореца Врана. It’s the former royal palace located just outside of the capital city of Sofia. Currently the park is open for visitors and is a major attraction for locals and tourists with its beautiful gardens, lake and buildings.

The original owner Czar Ferdinand was a passionate botanist and he was inspired by some of the major gardens in Europe at the time. Today the park is home to 821 botanical species from 118 families and is the first example of Park art and architecture in Bulgaria. The only disappointment I had is that the palace is still under reconstruction and not open to see on the inside. I was wearing my outfit for a dinner that evening and really wanted to showcase it in the best possible way. A visit to the palace was already planned when I decided to combine both and have a special experience out of it. The funny part is that it looked that I had an actual shooting crew with me. I went with two of my best friends and we had 2 teenage boys (son and nephew to one of them) as an additional entourage.  People were stopping and trying to figure out what’s going on. We had an amazing time exploring the gardens, taking photos, learning the history of the place and just having a relaxed day.

This was the perfect place to show my outfit. Even though the outfit is very modern, the long skirt makes it so regal and the park and palace were the perfect backdrops for it. It was so much fun to feel like a queen for a day. For a person who has never worn yellow before, I am somewhat obsessed with the color this spring. Everything started with my Michael Kors collection suede sandals that I scored from Nordstrom Rack for $18.00 down from $695.00. This is my all-time favorite shape of sandal, platform with a block heel is classic that to me never goes out of style.  I own many varieties of it, three pairs in Michael Kors collection alone. Then I found this Zara blazer on sale and it was confirmed that I am going to wear yellow. My skirt is BCBG Max Azria and you won’t believe that I found it a thrift store for only $5.00 and originally $238.00. My t-shirt is Calvin Klein from Century 21 for $9.99 and you probably saw it million times on me already. I need a new one, because this one is getting old. The bag is my beloved Gucci clutch that I’ve had forever and is my go to clutch for any casual special occasion. You know what I mean, you want to look cool and special at the same time. The earrings I got from H&M for only $3.00 on sale and they also became an item I wear over and over again.

With this I am concluding the posts from my spring trip to Bulgaria and it will live in memory until the next one.


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