If there is one shoe style you need to own this summer its definitely the espadrille. We all had  a pair  at some point in our lives. I remember my first one very vividly – bright red slip-ons – and at that time, I felt like the most fashionable girl on the block.

The story of this iconic shoe goes back to the 13th century in Spain and it’s popularity progressively grew through the years. The big  recognition as a fashion staple came  in the early 20th century when many movie stars and celebrities were photographed wearing them. From that point  the espadrille  became a true must have and a summer staple with a very strong presence in fashion in  the decades that  followed.

This summer we are experience one of the most exiting revivals of this iconic shoe. The styles are reinvented and reimagined and once classic black and nude colors are now replaced with  bright bold hues, prints and embellishments.

These exiting styles are now  easy to wear  with your favorite summer dresses, ankle pants or shorts.

If you need a little inspiration for what to get and where to get it check my selection below.


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