Do you have these days when you have the perfect plan for a night out and your hair and makeup is on point, your outfit is banging and in the end the weather has a different plan for you? Well, I had it happen to me recently. I have mentioned before, I like to take short weekend trips with my husband and explore new places or go back to places we already love.

One of our favorite spots we visit over and over again is the National Harbor in Maryland. Located close to Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA, this is the perfect place for great times with tons of restaurants, night life and historic sites.

So we are there and ready to go out, I am loving my outfit and of course planning to take few pictures of it before dinner. The moment we get out of the hotel it started to rain like cats and dogs and my shoot is ruined. We end up having a great time despite the rain and I decided to wear it again just to take the photos.

It’s that simple right? Wrong! We get back and the following weekend I put my outfit on for the second time and its picture time and again the weather is a total bummer. It was so dark and gray outside, I only had one usable photo. At this point I was getting a little annoyed, but also very determined to have these pictures taken.

So “third time’s a charm” couldn’t be more true than in this case and finally I got the photos for this post. I didn’t let some weather to stay in my way. Of course I have to break down the details for you.

My jacket is Rachel Zoe and was only just over a $100, down from $1300 at a sample sale. My dress is Zara and I got it from their sale for $15.99. Originally I had on Charlotte Olympia wedge sandals, but by the third shoot it got so cold I had to wear my Karen Millen booties. My jewelry is DVF and A.V.MAxx all sample sale finds.

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