If you are following me for a while, you already know I love to dress. No –  let me rephrase that: I like to overdress. I like to have my own special moments with clothing that take me to the next level and if I don’t have an occasion to do it, I like to create one.

This was exactly the case on this past weekend. I have been to Skylands Manor before and knew how gorgeous the castle and gardens were, so I put together the perfect outfit to wear to such fabulous place.

Lately I haven’t been shopping in H&M for few reasons, but mainly because they are lacking big time in the fashion department, however occasionally something good will pop up and will change my mind. This dress was exactly that,  because it’s one of their most successful styles this year. It sold out almost immediately, but I got lucky and found it at a discount. I am pretty sure it was a return and that’s exactly why I constantly repeat in my blog and Instagram posts – if you like something keep checking your store because you never know when something will show up and because people return all the time.

But to me the most exiting part of this look was the jewelry. When I heard about the sample sale I got them from, the brand was new to me, but I liked the photos and decided to check it out. I am so happy I went. the brand is called Uno de 50 and everything is handmade in Spain with silver plating finish. The designs are so bold and unique and a definite statement maker. The prices were “out of this world” low and I got tons of amazing pieces.

The rest of the look were also sample sales finds:
Hat from Hat Attack for only $10.00
Shoes from Schutz for only $20.00 Both from Clothingline sample sales in NYC


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