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Summertime is made for trips and what’s more exciting than a short weekend trip to Montreal. I visit Canada usually twice a year – once in the winter and once in the summer. Both seasons have a lot to offer and the experience is totally different. One of my absolute favorite cities to visit, not only in Canada, but anywhere is Montreal. A big metropolitan city with an unique mix of old and modern architecture, Montreal has a lot to offer. From walks in Old Montreal, the river side, to exciting festivals and events throughout summer.

At this point, I am somewhat familiar with the most popular points to visit, but I always like to find something new and exiting to do and explore in other parts of the city.

The city is also home to many restaurants and food adventures. Poutine and Beaver Tails are two must haves if you are there.

When I travel, the first priority is always comfort, but for a true fashionista, this is not enough. I like to pack practical and cute outfits that are appropriate for the location and do not scream I AM A TOURIST. A lot of people think comfort and style exclude each other, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

One of my favorite classics are jeans with a tank top or t-shirt and to make it exciting, I like to top it with a fun kimono or blazer. Kimonos are light and fun option for summer, while blazers fit more for spring/fall seasons. Cool sunglasses are something that can take an outfit to the next level and you will see that with all of my looks from this trip.

For the second day I chose one of the most beautiful dresses I ever purchased from Zara. It was just after the second markdowns hit the stores and I got it for only $29.99 down from $99.99 The dress is not only pretty, but comfortable and super versatile. I am also going to wear it to dinners and take it with me for my European vacation.

For the grand finale there, I needed a fun outfit because me and my husband were attending A TASTE OF THE CARIBBEAN event. It has very informal vibe with tons of food options and live music near the old port. Its just tons of fun with dancing, drinking, tasting the food and just walking around. I wore another another Zara dress but this one was from the winter sale. I often buy clothes off season at a great price and keep them in my closet. It works best with unique or classic pieces that are not trendy and wont go out of style quickly.

As usual we had a great time and I cannot wait to go back for more of this amazing city.

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